The purpose of international MOO YEA-DO is to enrich the lives of individuals and improve our society. Grand Master Tiger Yang, the founder of MOO YEA-DO, is deeply concerned with the problems of today's society.

In spite of having reached the most advanced technology, established power and gained material wealth, our society today has to live with mounting physical, mental and social problems. There is a considerable amount of tension, stress, frustration and conflict today resulting in juvenile delinquency, broken homes and increasing crime rates. Grand Master Tiger Yang's concern has made him determined to provide a possible solution to the problems of stress by educating interested members in the disciplinary art of MOO YEA-DO

International MOO YEA-DO aims at providing members with physical and mental skills at the lowest cost possible. Since many people seek expensive professional help in trying to cope with the stress of everyday living, Grand Master Tiger Yang is certain that MOO YEA-DO will prove invaluable to individuals who are anxious to improve their lives

Generally, the activities of MOO YEA-DO are categorized in three levels: Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

First, on the physical level, MOO YEA-DO allows each individual to gain physical strength and confidence through strenuous and systematically organized classes. Since MOO YEA-DO is a combination of all the martial arts into one masterful and disciplined art, and the classes are arranged with respect to each individual's needs and differences in levels of technique, it is suitable for beginners as well as experts in the martial arts.

MOO YEA-DO teaches the most effective and efficient self-defense techniques since it combines only the best of the many different arts. By learning the physical aspects of MOO YEA-DO, a person develops confidence in his ability for self-defense.

Second, on the mental level, it soon becomes apparent that not only is the body being toned and finely formed, but the mind is also being relaxed and soothed. The fundamental teachings of MOO YEA-DO emphasize the following: respect for others, positive thinking, modesty, happiness, patience and many other moral values. GRAND MASTER TIGER YANG'S teaching experience has proved that a sound body breeds a sound mind. For example, with high self-esteem one naturally becomes harmonious with oneself as well as with one's fellow man. The moral teachings of MOO YEA-DO are aimed at disciplining one's mind to become a law-abiding citizen.

Third, on the spiritual level, MOO YEA-DO teaches one meditation so that one might reach his true potential. When a person learns to meditate properly, he becomes more aware of the presence of a mighty force in the universe. As soon as one learns to be comfortable and let his mind flow, he experiences happiness and even ecstasy. One's perception of the world is more positive. MOO YEA-DO's teaching of meditation brings self-actualization and a positive self-concept. GRAND MASTER TIGER YANG'S belief is that once a person has a good self-image, he develops harmonious relationships with family and friends.

It is the purpose of MOO YEA-DO to provide the opportunity of possessing a well-trained body, mind and spirit by means of organized, individually-structured programs of training.