BON WAUL SEUNG, is a defensive castle built by the Korean people a long time ago to protect and defend their property and families during the Korean civil war.

BON WAUL SEUNG is also the 2nd degree black belt form of MOO YEA-DO.

During GrandMaster Tiger Yang's early training in the SHU-SAN, the site of his father's school and also the site of the BON WAUL SEUNG, he was inspired by the courage of those brave men who gave their lives to defend their property and families. The inception of the BON WAUL SEUNG HYUNG was created in GrandMaster Tiger Yang's mind.

By utilizing the same concept as those brave men, GrandMaster Tiger Yang transferred the essence of those brave men into the BON WAUL SEUNG HYUNG and made the BON WAUL SEUNG HYUNG a defensive one.

As one starts to execute the BON WAUL SEUNG HYUNG, one must go through a breathing exercise that is the essence and the most important movement of this form. As one executes the breathing exercise, one must clear one's mind so that one can reach the universe and enter the state of selflessness and fearlessness. Then one can complete whatever task is at hand.