MOO YEA-DO, founded and created by GrandMaster Tiger Yang, is a combination of all martial arts into one masterful disciplined art. The first degree black belt form of MOO YEA-DO is the SHU-SAN HYUNG.

The creation of the SHU-SAN HYUNG is based on GrandMaster Tiger Yang's early training experiences that he accumulated in the rough terrain of the SHU-SAN mountains, the site of his father's school. The SHU-SAN HYUNG is composed of two levels of training; the physical level which emphasize external training and the mental level which emphasizes internal training.

Prior to the execution of the SHU-SAN HYUNG, one's mind and body must be in harmony with the universe in order to feel the force of it. As one begins to execute the SHU-SAN HYUNG, he must leap over and strike the opponent. This parallels GrandMaster Tiger Yang's early training conducted by his father. He was instructed to run through the forest, strike the trees and leap over large boulder-like rocks.

At this point, internal training is introduced in the SHU-SAN HYUNG. This consists of breathing control that teaches mental discipline. GrandMaster Tiger Yang developed his breathing control technique by standing under the rushing waters of an icy waterfall.

The next stage, external training, consists of physical feats, such as; the knife-hand strike, grasp throat, front kick, side kick and reverse-roundhouse kick. GrandMaster Tiger Yang's external training was accomplished by his requirement to chase and catch rabbits.

After the completion of the external training, one must focus on the internal training by breathing control. At this time one's mind must be in total harmony with the universe, to link with the force of the universe. He goes into the Dragon movement and feels as though he is flowing through the universe and then as though he is the universe.

As one completes the internal training, the external training is once again invoked by performing the hand blocking and side kick. The last movement of the SHU-SAN HYUNG is the return to harmony of mind, body and universe.